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Mod Bit Roofing Replacement & Repair Contractor Serving Orlando and Tampa

If severe winds or torrential rain have wreaked havoc on the modified bitumen (mod-bit) roof of your commercial property, you need professional help fast! The experienced team at Restorsurance Roofing Services can provide both mod-bit roofing repairs and mod-bit roof replacement solutions for your building. Since 2006, we’ve offered top-tier roof storm damage restoration services to our community.

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Our internationally licensed roofing contractors have worked on all different types of commercial projects, so they’re familiar with the proper installation and repair of mod-bit roofing. As a family-owned business, we’re committed to delivering excellent customer service, including help with insurance claims and paperwork. You can rest assured that our mod-bit roofs will stand the test of time, and the worst of harsh outdoor elements!

Expert Mod-Bit Roof Repairs and Replacement

Since we’ve been in this business for more than a decade, we understand that roofing damage is a stressful predicament. On top of that, dealing with your insurance company to file a claim can be confusing and overwhelming. 

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The customer service specialists and construction experts at Restorsurance will work in tandem to provide comprehensive support for your roofing repairs or replacement. We use the same estimating software as the insurance companies to ensure you receive coverage for a complete restoration—not just a quick fix.

If you have a flat or low-slope roof at your Central Florida property, mod-bit roofing is an excellent choice for its longevity and durability. Some of the beneficial features of our mod-bit installations and repairs include:

  • Waterproofing: Bitumen is an inherently waterproof material, so the layering of a mod-bit roofing installation is a best-in-class choice for long-term moisture resistance.
  • Tear Resistance: The durable make-up of mod-bit roofing provides superior protection against tearing.
  • Energy Efficiency: The top layer of a mod-bit roof can be treated for enhanced solar reflectance and thermal emission, lowering the overall energy consumption of your building.
  • Flexibility: Mod-bit roofing can expand and contract without losing its shape, so it holds up against frequent temperature shifts.
  • Low Maintenance: A properly installed mod-bit roof should need very little maintenance and can be easily repaired with bitumen patches.

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At Restorsurance Roofing Services, we’re dedicated to bridging the gap between claim and construction. Our skilled team will provide quality mod-bit roofing repairs and replacement services. Call today to get more information about all of our superior commercial roofing solutions, or fill out our quick online form to request a free, no-commitment cost estimate!